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“ The web allows
us witness to
as it translates
on the internet,
being defined and
redefined as
we speak...

Beyond the
definition sits this

whether we
are utilizing
tree pulp
or cave walls
a clarified
informs as
efficiently and
as gracefully as
Brochure website
Website content for
Washington Osteopathic
Medical Association
Logo design
unpublished sample
The Smoke Detector
Online storyboard
Website content for
Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center
The Matchrix
Online storyboard
Website content for
Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center
With over 10 years experience designing and creating content for websites, my focus
is on creating affordable, interesting, functional and attractive pages. Whether you are requesting updates of your existing site or are in the market for a new design, services are tailored to the specifications of each project.

Below is an outline including the fees and usual steps involved:

Basic Fees for Website Design:

Setup/ Home Page: $350
Each additional page: $100 each
(fees Include installation of your pages on your Internet Service Provider's (ISP's) host computer,use of existing logos, photos, graphics and text from your collection (if available or desired)

Optional Services:

Minimal fee: one hour @ $65/hr (yearly contracts available and negotiable)
Work performed after initial site is approved and launched on the server includes: refinements, updates and search engine optimization, original graphic design/illustration, digital photography, slideshows, video as well as royalty free digital images, fonts, etc. (purchased and downloaded from on-line resources)

Outline of Steps for designing and publishing a website:

Domain Registration:
Do you have your domain name registered yet? Average annual fee is $25 and is usually included in the web hosting plan of the Internet Service Provider. (I have a list of recommended ISPs available on request)

Providing Examples of Existing Sites:
Sending me links to websites you are attracted to (or that offer similar services as you) provides a basic concept of the website you envision.

Listing Specific Goals (target audience, visual imagery etc.):
The visual theme of the website may reflect your existing identity system (Logo, colors, fonts, etc.) or reside as a separate entity depending on your intentions.

Gathering Content:
Along with your text, the site may implement high quality photos and graphics either from your collection, downloaded from online image banks or shot with my digital camera. I also offer original design/illustration services (logos, banners, page titles...)

Building Prototype:
Once we have outlined your content a prototype may be designed and available for reviewing prior to launching to its public address.

Delivery (Launch) of the Website:
The prototype is reviewed, revised, approved and uploaded to its public internet address (congratulations!)

Maintenance and Search Engine Optimization (optional):
Focus now is on refinements: updates, modifications, changes to content and internet visibility after site goes-live.
Search engine magnets include relevant content, keywords and links to related websites
encouraging consistently high and effective listing.

Once goals and objectives are established a detailed proposal tailored to fit the scope of the project will be provided before work is to begin.
To estimate a project’s cost accurately, it is important to be as prepared as possible with the final written copy and have a clear intended purpose for the project.

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