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What will it cost?

Fees are based on pricing and ethical guidelines published
in the Graphic Artists Guild Handbook.

Fee Schedule (a pricing guide)
Each estimate is individually considered offering cost, schedule and licensing options tailored to best serve your vision and budget.

All estimates are prepared after a review of the requested concepts and projected
usage of the artwork.
A final, detailed production plan will be based on agreement of all specifications.

How soon...?

As soon as you want it...usually. Together we will discuss what is possible based on
all the variables.

To ensure top-quality results of the co-creative process I do gravitate to projects with
as much flexibility as possible.

Timelines are determined by the size and scope of each project.
To estimate scheduling accurately, it is important to be as prepared as possible
with final, written copy/concept(s) and have a clear intended purpose for the project.

Besides my actual production time, allow 1-2 days for estimates and contract
negotiation and if a project involves offset printing keep in mind that printers generally
require a 2-4 week delivery schedule.

Who owns the illustration copyright?

The copyright is available for licensing.

o An exclusive license allows sole usage of the artwork. Illustrator retains the right to copy and display the work for promotional purpose only.

o A non-exclusive license allows shared usage of the artwork. Illustrator retains the right to
re-sell the artwork as well as display the work for promotional purpose.
Many of the samples on this website are available for licensing.

o Along with exclusivity, artwork usage may be unlimited or limited to a specific medium,
time frame, geographic area and publication.